A documented version of JSch

The official version of JSch contains nothing more than some example files as documentation.

This project adds some Javadoc comments to the public methods explaining what they do.

You may want to have a look at the source (or check it out, or download it) in our github repository.

You can browse the current API, automatically generated, or a simplified version, containing only the classes normally used by library users. (I recommend the last version.)

I hope this will be merged back to the official distribution, as quite some big projects are using JSch, and this will be easier with documentation.

Contact: PaĆ­lo Ebermann, paul@fencing-game.de


Latest sources zip tar.gz
Latest generated javadocs (both complete and simple) zip tar.gz
Source tag "finished-documentation" (2011-04-12) zip tar.gz
Patch from released 0.1.44 to "finished-documentation".
generated javadocs of "finished-documentation" (2011-04-12) zip tar.gz