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Package com.jcraft.jsch

Java Secure Channel - main package.

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Package com.jcraft.jsch Description

Java Secure Channel - main package. This package contains all types applications using the library have to know (and lots they don't have to know).

Here is an overview about the most important ones:

The starting point, used to create sessions and manage identities.
A connection to a SSH server. Used to configure settings, port forwardings and to open channels.
and its subclasses ChannelExec, ChannelShell, ChannelSubsystem for remote command execution.
for secure file transfer. You might then also need SftpATTRS and implement SftpProgressMonitor.
UserInfo and UIKeyboardInteractive
should be implemented to allow feedback to the user and/or password or keyboard-interactive authentication.

Most other classes are either for internal use (see next paragraph) or for special uses, and not necessary for a normal application.

The string Usually not to be used by applications. at the beginning of a class or interface description means that this type is used internally by the library, and normally there is no need for an application to directly use (or implement/extend) this type. It may be needed if you need to extend functionality, then you normally will also have to change some configuration options.

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This is a simplified version of the inofficial Javadoc created by PaĆ­lo Ebermann. Have a look at the official homepage.