Package com.jcraft.jsch

Interface Summary
ForwardedTCPIPDaemon A local deamon process executed when a host connects to to a forwarded port at the remote side.
HostKeyRepository A repository for known host keys.
Identity A user identity for public-key authentication.
Logger Provides logging abilities to the library.
Proxy Allows routing connections through some proxy.
Random A random number generator.
ServerSocketFactory A factory for ServerSockets.
SftpProgressMonitor A callback to get information about the progress of a file transfer operation.
SocketFactory A factory for (client) sockets.
UIKeyboardInteractive Provides a way to prompt the user for keyboard-interactive authentication.
UserInfo Allows user interaction.

Class Summary
Channel The abstract base class for the different types of channel which may be associated with a Session.
ChannelDirectTCPIP A Channel which allows forwarding a pair of local streams to/from a TCP-connection to a server on the remote side.
ChannelExec A channel connected to a remotely executing program.
ChannelForwardedTCPIP A Channel created when a forwarded port at the remote side is connected.
ChannelSftp A Channel connected to an sftp server (as a subsystem of the ssh server).
ChannelShell A channel connected to a remote shell.
ChannelSubsystem A channel connected to a subsystem of the server process.
HostKey The public key of a SSH server.
JSch This class serves as a central configuration point, and as a factory for Session objects configured with these settings.
ProxyHTTP A Proxy implementation using a HTTP proxy.
ProxySOCKS4 A Proxy implementation using a SOCKS V5 proxy.
ProxySOCKS5 A Proxy implementation using a SOCKS V5 proxy.
Session A Session represents a connection to a SSH server.
SftpATTRS Attributes of a (remote) file manipulated via Sftp.

Exception Summary
JSchException Will be thrown if anything goes wrong with the SSH protocol.
SftpException This exception will be thrown if anything goes wrong while using the SFTP protocol.

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